SEO In Simple Words [everything you need to know]+Free resources.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO In Simple Words [everything you need to know]+Free resources.

12/03/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Business


 We all know that SEO is super important to our Business online. I will try to be as simple as I can & clarify things about how SEO works, how to implement it correctly in a way that will boost your presence on the Internet, & and of course improve your earnings.


Design & Website Optimization

  • Design & SEO:

When you talk about design to talk about user experience, that is how your visitors will react toward what you ‘re  offering in your website. Web design impacts The impression you make on your audience, it can either get them to like your website and stay surfing  to learn more about your business or leave it instantly forever. A good web design will aid in keeping your leads on your page.So How do I know If I have a Good design on my Website or Not?

  • The Platform You Use for your Business:

This depends on how you offer your business online, the platform you are using, your hosting provider. 

There are plenty of Platform (also called website builders) you can use for your business like:

  2. Zyro (69 % off)
  3. Wix
  4. HubSpot 
  5. Inmotion Hosting Website Builder
  7. Strikingly

Now all these platforms offer a variety of features to help you establish a website online by providing you with the necessary tools you require… of course some of these tools are paid, but this is irrelevant because the free ones are more than enough to get you started your business.

Before choosing your website builders, we recommend that you jot down how your website will look like? What do you need and what features do you like to see on your website?

For example, you can write down things like: 

  • I need a blog Page, 
  • A sidebar photo gallery, 
  • online store (eCommerce)page, 
  • Contact form, Ad spaces (for monetizing)
  • SEO features, 
  • Social media features 
  • etc.

If you are unsure about what you need, Just check out your competitors or other similar websites for inspiration, this will give you an Idea about what you want.

Most platforms offer an intuitive drag and drop user interface to help  users with no programming experience to build their website. You can take advantage of the trial accounts (free plans), or the generous money-back guarantee to test before you decide.

Next, you need to consider your upgrading options for your business. 

  • Will you be adding regular updates to your website? Extra features.
  •  Do you need a blog section? 
  • Would you be selling more products on your website in the future?

You need to make sure that the platform you choose can handle your requirements as your business grows.

If you are a complete newbie I recommend  using WordPress, it’s completely free you can use the free themes & plugins in their free library, & get premium features as you grow.

All these platforms offer a variety of features to help you establish a website online by providing you with the necessary tools you require… of course some of these tools are paid, but the free ones are more than enough to get you started your business.

Optimization of your Website For SEO purposes

there are several ways to Optimize your website,you can do that manually by 

  1. Analyze all of your website data.
  2. Produce long and value-rich content.
  3. Optimize for on-page SEO & off-page SEO. 
  4. Optimize the website for mobile.
  5. Speed up the pages.

You can also hire people to do that for you, the best place to do that is in Fiverr, you get the job done for as low as $5. or use optimization apps for your website ( WordPress has optimization plugins that you can use for free)

 Analyzing you data

the whole point of analyzing you data is to understand better your werbsite content & how people are actually going to react when they visit your site. you need to have a clear picture about the behaviour of your audience toward your CTA, So if you get a huge traffic  that doesn't interact with you content, you probably need to figure out why. Google Search Console is a powerful tool that helps track your audience behavior by providing you with detailed reports, such as

  • number of sessions,
  • number of unique sessions,
  • bounce rate,
  • and more.

Optimize for on-page SEO & off-page SEO 

  • On-page SEO tells you how to optimize your website when you’re building specific pages. Items like headlines, subheadlines, URL slugs, and meta tags fall into this category. you can check this free tools :
  • You need to use your primary keyword in your headline, preferably in the beginning. It should also be in the slug and at least once in your subheadline.
  • Use it Throughout your entire article up 20 times depending on the lenght of the article. & don't over use it, to avoid becoming a keyword stuffer.spread out your related keywords throughout your body copy, subheadlines, and image alt text. Include plenty of context for each so Google accurately understands the main point of the article.

The Off-Page SEO also called off-site SEO 

it is mainly refers to the external means you use to optimize your website.

  • Guest blogging,
  • social media activity,
  • influencer marketing,
  • and also brand awareness.

We’ll be focusing on Backlinks (  you can check if you have backlinks for your website with this Free Backlink Checker). Links in general can make a huge difference in SEO. You don’t want to get links from small, low-authority sites. They won’t help (and they can break donw). Instead, you want to aim for well-respected sites when researching backlinks.

Backlinks are one ofthe most Contributing Factors that helps your site rank better. When High autority sites liks to yours, Google see that link as a signal of your site’s reputation. As you build a solid backlink profile, your pages will rank higher on serch results.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Huge load of people are accessing websites via mobile devices, you don’t want to miss those potential conversions. Furthermore, Google has created the mobile first index,  means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking this will allow you to rank better if you focus on mobile friendliness.

Speed up your Website ( fast page loading)

These are 8 tips to maximize your site loading speed 

Get a clean & fast infrastructure or use a fast host, make sure that your website is designed for speed by having a clean design & optimized code, find a reputable hosting platform, it is recommended not to use shared hosting plans, but instead use a dedicated servers, to insure to optimum performance of your website. You also need to make sure you update to the latest version of any technology you are using, & keep caching optimized.

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check our forum for more hosting tips:

  • Use a CDN or A Content Delivery Network, it is a geographically distributed network of servers that help to distribute content  users with minimal delay. it is caching content near where each end user is using the internet with their device.
  • Use Gzip for file compression. which is simply compressing HTTP content before it is delivered to a users or client.
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests by: 
    • Deleting unnecessary images. 
    • Reducing image size.
    • Implementing the lazy loading technique.
    • Minifying CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Clean up your media library.

All these steps  are easy to do if you know the basics of programing , but it is recommending to get help with a professional , in case you face an unfortunate complication

You may also get Help from freelancers that can do these kind of tasks in no time with an affordable price that ranges from $5 to $15 only 

check how much it would actually cost you to speed up you website 

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